All visitors, including pilgrims, need a visa to enter Saudi Arabia.During the Hajj, all Muslim visitors travelling to Jeddah and Medina will need to have a valid Hajj visa.

Shaheen Travel is an accredited visa agency by Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Consular Section, therefore you can apply for your visa now.


During the Hajj, all Muslim visitors travelling to Jeddah and Medina will need to have a valid Hajj visa. Non-Muslim visitors travelling to these destinations may be asked to explain the purpose of your trip or asked to show evidence of appointments before being allowed to board a flight to Jeddah. Any Muslim visitor arriving in Jeddah or Medina without a valid Hajj visa will be refused entry. This requirement does not apply to other airports or British residents in Saudi Arabia. For further detailed advice on visa requirements for Hajj and Ummrah, contact the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in London.British residents in Saudi Arabia will need a valid exit or re-entry permit from the Saudi Ministry of Interior to leave the country.

Passport validity

Your passport should be valid for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of entry into Saudi Arabia.The Saudi authorities have confirmed they will accept British passports extended by 12 months by British Embassies and Consulates under additional measures put in place in mid-2014.

Yellow fever

Yellow fever vaccination is required for travellers arriving from countries with risk of yellow fever transmission.

UK Emergency Travel Documents

UK Emergency Travel Documents (ETDs) are not valid for entry into Saudi Arabia. However, ETDs are accepted for exit from Saudi Arabia.

Previous Travel to Israel

You may be refused entry to Saudi Arabia if your passport contains evidence of previous travel to Israel or indicates Israel as your birthplace.

Female Travellers

If you are a female visitor or resident you must be met by your sponsor on arrival. Otherwise you may face delays before being allowed to enter the country or to continue on other flights.

Foreign women married to Saudi nationals must have permission from their husband  to leave Saudi Arabia.